Zainab Aliyu

Zainab Aliyu is a UK qualified Fellow of the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA) with over 15 years of experience in the energy sector turned CEO & Creative Director of AABOUX.

The name AABOUX (pronounced aa-boo) was coined from a pet name – Zainabu-abu, as my mother fondly called me. When my dear friend Dupe creatively spelt it out one night, it fit perfectly! AABOUX represents what I hod dear – love, family and friends.

Zainab is passionate about philanthropy and is involved in several causes aimed at education, healthcare, children, women, internally displaced persons and mental health matters. She enjoys travelling, art, reading, fashion, photography and current affairs.

Zainab is happily married and blessed with two amazing children.

My Inspiration

I have always had a flair for timeless fashion, combined with my love of travel and nature, provides me with unending inspiring options, to create unique and beautiful pieces whilst maintaining functionality and style at the core of my design.

I also draw inspiration from real people – family and friends, and put sprinkles of their personality in each piece.

My Journey

My journey started with a visit to the Lekki Crafts Market in April 2017 with a friend who was visiting from the UK. I was fascinated and intrigued by the locally made leather goods we saw. However, I couldn’t find a style I wanted, so I decided to sketch, design and select leathers for production of 2 handbags. I had never considered myself an artist and was shocked to discover that I could draw and bring ideas to life. I felt blessed to have finally discovered my creative side, which felt natural and fulfilling, and stirred a fire in me.

Nothing beats the feeling of bringing a design to life, and actually holding the finished product of love.


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